I’m Fedi, a freelance editor and ghostwriter.
If you want an impeccable job, you’re looking for me.

I managed and supervised Federica’s work for about 1 year, during her contribution to the editorial startup STREAM!. Federica proved herself to be a capable and meticulous author and copy editor: she is proficient with words and quick to wrap up impeccable articles and texts. She is skilled at digging up unexpected content and angles, that she then illustrates in a simple and spontaneous way. She is versatile and can move with ease between shorter formats, interviews and long reads.

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Fran Mash

‘If the devil is in the details, then Fedi is in the editing’, this is the motto I suggested to Federica for advertising her service. I asked Federica to help me rework an old novel written a number of years earlier: there was a need for some in-depth editing and for a reworking of each character’s ‘tone of voice’, to restore their own distictive voices. She did so much more. Reading her extremely detailed notes on the text and her always ample and clever comments has been like attending an intensive creative writing course that taught me a lot. Federica is a real scholar of narrative techniques and an excellent professional. Very recommended!

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Giovanni Luca Molinari