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Freelance Editor and Ghostwriter

October 2017 – present  |  FEDIWRITING (own firm)

  • Writing and editing services in Italian and English, with a focus on Developmental Editing for fiction writing.
  • Ongoing projects:
    • My Pinch of Italy: food blog aimed at UK residents with a passion for Italian cuisine. Responsibilities: complete rebranding of the website, reviewing the core concept and the brand’s tone of voice, creation of a content plan, copywriting and scheduling the social media presence.
    • Novel editing: revision of the different narrating styles and dialogue choices of the main point-of-view characters for a bizarro-pulp novel; step-by-step deconstruction and analysis of the main plot and secondary storylines of a coming of age novel. The latter project is currently in progress.
Customer Service Team Leader

June 2018 – December 2018  |  TIQETS

  • Part of the official leading team as of October 1st, after a multi-step training period.
  • Responsibilities: coordinating a timely team response tackling both day-to-day and emergency situations, tailoring each shift’s opportunities and duties to the different scheduled team, sharing knowledge of the systems and processes to uniquely empower each CS agent’s professional growth.
City Coordinator & Customer Service Agent

November 2017 – May 2018  |  TIQETS

  • Hired for an experimental double role to improve communication between Supply and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Responsibilities: identify customer-oriented challenges early on during the internal supply process, refining existing workflows through insider knowledge of both teams, strengthening connections between the two key departments at the beginning and end of the product cycle.
Line and Developmental Editor

March 2017 – January 2018  |  FORO STUDIO

  • Editing the short stories presented for the editorial project #foroNOBUDGET.
  • Responsibilities: communicating with the author to develop the story, ensuring satisfaction about the product from both parts, adapting the editorial piece to the brand’s voice, proofreading and approving for print the final product.
Sexual Health and Well-Being Contributor

May 2016 – March 2017  |  The STREAM! Magazine

  • STREAM! was an online non profit magazine about gender equality, feminism, empowerment; the magazine was awarded the MIT Innovators Under 35 Award for Italy and the Webby Honoree Award
  • Responsibilities: drafting and editing scientifically accurate articles meant for a wide audience, proofreading the final product, researching copyright-free engaging images for publication.
Product Manager Assistant

December 2013 – May 2014  |  Dalani Home & Living

  • Internship organised through the University of Milan.
  • Responsibilities: registering into the system products for online flash sales, ensuring the deadline for the start of the sale was respected, providing the customer service team with correct and updated information on the products.

Experiences as a director assistant and continuity supervisor matured in a small cinema crew through the filming of a music video and a short film. Responsibilities on set: facilitate the communication between the rest of the crew and the director and ensure the schedule was respected.

Part of an amateur theatre group for five years; the exercises and workshops were focused on trust and team-building.


MA in Theories and Methods of Communication   

September 2013 – April 2017  |  University of Milan

BA in Communication Studies

September 2010 – February 2014  |  University of Milan

  • Graduated with 110/110 cum laude


Italian             mothertongue

English           c2 level – full proficiency (written and spoken) 

  • Using it for daily communication since August 2014
  • Writing fiction, personal memories and articles both in Italian and English

German           a2 level – basic proficiency   

  • Currently studying it as a self-taught learner
  • Reached a B1 level in 2013, interrupted it to explore Finnish and Swedish
  • Focusing on both High German and Swiss German

Office Suite    excellent and extensive knowledge (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

 WordPress     good knowledge of the platform

  • Writing for different blogs since August 2013

Creative Writing & Narrative Techniques    excellent and extensive knowledge

  • Self-taught, passionate learner since 2009

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