I work as a freelance fiction and non-fiction ghostwriter. Here you can find answers to some questions you may have about my job. Prices are also listed down below.

What is a ghostwriter, and when do you need one?

A ghostwriter is a professional that writes on commission and doesn’t take credit for the finished product. Maybe you have a great idea for a novel, or the story of your life deserves to be made into a book – but you lack the expertise to put your thoughts on paper. That’s when you hire me and I do the work for you, without letting anyone ever know about it.

Am I the right ghostwriter for you?

Yes, if you feel so. Mutual trust and a human connection are very important when it comes to ghostwriting. Browse through my articles to see how I approach narrative techniques, and read some of my work to get a clearer idea about my writing skills.

Will everyone know I wrote your book?

No. When we sign a contract, I commit to keep our exchange and our working material strictly confidential. No one will ever know you hired me, if you don’t tell them so.

If I write your book, will it get published?

As for now, my contacts with publishers are not enough for me to get you published. I am a ghostwriter, not an agent. What I can do is deliver to you a manuscript ready for submission.

How do I write on commission?

I am a very methodical writer. For a detailed account of how I generally approach a new project, read this dedicated page.

Do I have a favourite genre to work with?

I am not very keen on literary fiction, but I am always willing to experiment. Otherwise, I accept every genre and am particularly fond of transgressive fiction, hard-boiled fiction, chick-lit, memoires, urban and folklore-based fantasy.

How much is ghostwriting going to cost you?

Each ghostwriting project is unique and has peculiar needs; I cannot quote you a fee before we discuss your ideas thoroughly and we agree on a loose outline.
Generally speaking, each project will be tackled through three phases: interviewing the author, researching, and actually writing. For the first two phases, fares are calculated on an hourly basis, and payments have to be performed in advance. When it comes to the writing, instead, I charge per word. The payment for the writing phase is performed in three different moments: a third in advance before I start writing, a third once I reach the agreed middle point, the final third once the job is completed. This policy protects both of our interests, as I am sure I am not working without compensation, and you can monitor the progress of the work step by step.
The length of each of the three phases depends on the project: for an autobiographical book I will need to interview you extensively, whilst a sci-fi novella is likely to require considerable research.

If you are interested in hiring me for a ghostwriting project or you have any kind of question, please contact me.
Once I evaluate your enquiry, we can agree on either a Skype call or a meeting face to face. Up to two hours, our first meeting will be charged to you only if I accept your offer.

Ghostwriting: FARES

  • First meeting | 10€ per hour
    Charged only if we agree to work together, up to two hours. 
  • Interviews with the Author | 20€ per hour
  • Own Research | 20€ per hour
  • Writing | 0,10€ per word

Please note that these fares do not include taxes. When performing a payment, you will be charged an additional 21% on the total (VAT) in compliance with Dutch law.
More information here (in Dutch).

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