Service Reviews

I managed and supervised Federica’s work for about 1 year, during her contribution to the editorial startup STREAM!. Federica proved herself to be a capable and meticulous author and copy editor: she is proficient with words and quick to wrap up impeccable articles and texts. She is skilled at digging up unexpected content and angles, … Continue reading Fran Mash

Fran Mash

‘If the devil is in the details, then Fedi is in the editing’, this is the motto I suggested to Federica for advertising her service. I asked Federica to help me rework an old novel written a number of years earlier: there was a need for some in-depth editing and for a reworking of each … Continue reading Giovanni Luca Molinari

Giovanni Luca Molinari

Federica is an amazing editor, and a very competent and supportive one. I appreciated her honesty: she never sugarcoated anything for me, but instead kindly redirected me whenever needed. She turned my project around and helped me see and explore every possibility, every opportunity for improvement, every issue. I strongly recommend her to anyone in … Continue reading Martina Speranza

Martina Speranza

Meticulous, attentive and clever. Working with Federica helped me dig up the true narrative voice of the short story written for ‘FORO Un altro progetto NO BUDGET’, making it immediate and effective.Federica helped me notice some things that I myself couldn’t see, hidden between the lines. She helped me do them justice. It’s been a … Continue reading Marta Santocielo Santomauro

Marta Santocielo Santomauro

Federica Riccardi helping me not only to edit and let grow my site, but also make my goal more reachable, giving fresh and innovative and far-sighted ideas with competent tips and points of view. I really appreciate her engaging enthusiasm in the development of the site, she gave the project a new impetus going beyond simple … Continue reading Fiorenza Sam

Fiorenza Sam

Federica helped me edit my short story “Il Salto” that was published on the magazine FORO No Budget at the beginning of 2016. Then I asked her to help me for another story I was working on. She really dig into the stories and reevaluate aspects that seemed secondary. I appreciated her straightforwardness and clarity. … Continue reading Noemi Milani

Noemi Milani